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"Wonderings of the Wye" - Documentary of the lives and love for this River

10th July 2022

A privilege to share my life and love for this beautiful river, and the reasons why I won't ever give up on protecting it.

View the video here

The River Wye, which runs 250km between Wales and England, is a special area of conservation and has huge historical importance (William Gilpin who took the Wye tour in 1770 started British tourism and the picturesque movement here). For many people, myself included, a happy childhood was spent canoeing, swimming and picnicking on the Wye. However in recent years the Wye has been in the media for a very different reason. Pollution levels have risen dramatically, primarily fuelled by poorly regulated chicken farming.

This film, featuring environmentalist Angela Jones and oral historian Marsha O'Mahony, explores the problems caused by pollution and why the Wye is worth fighting for.



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