My Story

Angela Jones Swim Wild


My name is Angela Jones 55 years on this beautiful planet, I’ve lived a Life without lanes.

The River Wye runs through my veins. I am fortunate to have experienced over 30 years of swimming, kayaking and wild camping. I appreciate its beauty and diversity. Sharing this joy over the last 13 years has been my constant companion Jack - my rescue dog and co-adventurer.


I am known as the wild woman of the Wye because I can be found above and below it's waters all year round. I’m often asked advice about wild swimming in the river so my business was formed to share my lifelong passion.

I feel privileged that this is my home, my office and my playground, and I am very protective of this magical gem. Every day the Wye continues to intrigue, surprise and delight. Getting to know it over the many years has been a fascinating journey.


I utilise my media platform to show how wonderful the great outdoors is and inclusive to all while promoting the numerous health benefits through nature. 

I feel privileged to be acknowledged as 2021 Guardian's Top Adventure Days.


I want to share my love, passion and knowledge of this amazing river so you can respect it, enjoy it safely and improve your swim technique too. I hope to enhance your wild swimming adventures while preserving the river for generations to come.


So, join me on this journey and share the wondrous Wye!

My Beloved Business....... Angela Jones Swim Wild 

"Do a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life."

Angela Jones Swim Wild has developed organically, purely from my passion for the wild, dedication to nature and my love of the water, in particular, the majestic River Wye.


My beloved business has grown steadily and healthily over the last 9 years as I share my passion. I have taken part in several national TV documentaries, contributed to global media articles, and have been encouraged to develop commercially, as my popularity increases. Money doesn’t drive me, but promoting and spreading the word about our beautiful countryside – in particular, the wonderful Wye – does. I believe in collaboration rather than competition and encourage people to collaborate with nature as well as with each other.  Of course enjoyment is important with confidence-boosting being a beautiful by-product. But safety is paramount. Nature provides us with everything we need to learn, be well and have fun, but she can send in some hefty bills if we are not respectful.

I’m highly qualified, experienced and conscientious in all that I do, to include wild swimming, kayaking and wild camping. My guidelines also overlap into life skills, as I focus on improving confidence, a positive mindset, enjoyment, motivation, technique and achieving tangible progress. Life in and out of the water should be enjoyable and enable personal growth.

My bases are at the: 

Old Court Hotel Symonds Yat


Tresseck Campsite, Hoarwithy 

Lucksall, Hereford

I organise numerous small non-competitive adventures and swim events for all ages and abilities, all year round.  These cover over 86 miles of the Wye ,Usk, Brecon Canal and Private lake.

Angela Jones Swim Wild