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Angela Jones Awarded Environmental Champion 2021 by Canoe Wales

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Big thanks to Canoe Wales and everyone who voted for me to win their new Environmental Champion award!

I don’t do it for recognition, I do it because I want to keep the Wye alive.

It’s so amazing and gratifying to see so many people embracing the river but when you see pollution please report it!

REPORT WITHIN 24 HRS - stating where and when - if you leave it any longer the statutory bodies will ignore! Both Environment Agency (England) and NRW (Wales) have manned 24 hour lines:

England - 0800 80 70 60

Wales - 0300 06 53 000

Here's what Canoe Wales had to say about why I was given the Environmental Champion award:

"Angela Jones - the "Wild Woman of the Wye" - is constantly working to raise awareness of the "demise of the River Wye" and pushing for action to be taken to clean it up. From her appearances on TV and interviews with local media, to educating people about how to respect and appreciate the beauty of the Wye, to organising a rally swimming over half a mile pulling a coffin with "Death of the Wye" written on it with paddle boarders dressed as grim reapers, Angela has been relentless in bringing attention to the plight of the river Wye and calling for action to be taken to address the pollution from modern farming methods, sewage and plastics, and decline of habitat for wildlife."



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