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Welcome to an all-inclusive look at wild swimming in the picturesque and much-loved River Wye. Author and guide, Angela Jones, enthusiastically shares decades of passion, knowledge and experience of this wonderful river and its wildlife.


This book has taken Angela over two years to put together and has been written to address the huge increase in the popularity of wild swimming and the worrying lack of knowledge and information needed to swim this river safely.

Angela will introduce you to some of the most spectacular and diverse sections of over 80 miles of the Wye, covering the busy tourist hot spots of Symonds Yat to the serenity of the 200ft red sandstone cliffs of the Scar at Moccas – and you’ll meet some of the Wye’s wonderful wildlife along the way.


You’ll find 14 swim maps, graded to suit all abilities of swimmer, from just setting out to well- seasoned experienced swimmers plus areas suitable for a family dip.

You will find essential information on swimming the River Wye safely whilst respecting the environment and other water users: a Swimmer’s Code of Conduct, recommendations for essential kit and of course tips on how to stay safe.


Thanks to the many talented local photographers who have kindly shared their amazing photographs, you can get a real feel for your Wye experience.


Most importantly for Angela this book will help her ongoing mission to protect the Wye’s natural environment and to remind people of the respect that needs to be shown whilst enjoying and embracing it's beauty.

Thank you in anticipation of your support and compassion for the wonders of the Wye

Wild Swimming the River Wye Book

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